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UP TO DATE: 2013 MLB Draw up Profile: John John Crawford, DURE, Lakewood HS (CA)

July 16th, 2013

Authentic Draft Profile authored by Anthony Boyer


B/T: L/R
6’2″, 175 lbs.
DOB: 1/11/95 (18. 54 years on June 6)

Bob Paul (JP) Crawford is a rangy shortstop/pitching prospect from Lakewood Senior high school near La. He’s blessed with a great pedigree: Dodgers left fielder Carl Crawford is his uncle, and his father, Larry, was a protective back at Iowa Condition and in the actual Canadian Football Little league.

Crawford does not have the solid, compact body so common even for preparation prospects in the Southland. Frequently , you can tell the senior citizens and the top potential customers with a quick eyeball test. Not really JP. He still has lots of room to grown and fill in – true of each prep prospect, but doubly correct for him or her.

His game is similarly much less refined; less polished. He does not have the actual “classic” shortstop skills which Oscar Mercado offers. When Crawford plays, it’s a display of limbs. The force of real, natural talent and also athleticism. In the right program, with the right coaching, with the right amount of luck, JP Crawford is going to be a star. More equipment than a Home Depot. The interior fire and management qualities you covet inside a prep prospect. The ability and the athleticism to fully take over a – on the plate, in the industry, about the mount, about the bases – anywhere.

In a single game I watched, Crawford’s Lakewood group scored on the top of the 7th to connect the game against Bishop Amat. Sungguh put the above batters on in the bottom of the 7th. Having a walk-off loss upcoming, Lakewood’s coach didn’t hesitate. He transferred Crawford, his shortstop, for the pile. Crawford proceeded to dominate Amat’s selection, not allowing one to advance. In the first frame more innings, he laced a single down the line to perfect, stole second and also third bases, and also came home on a sacrifice travel. He then frequency the bottom of the actual 8th and struck away two batters.

That’s Crawford’s strength, but it’s also his weak point. There are plays where it seems very easy to him he looks almost fed up. I’m a sucker for a guy that plays like he has something to prove on every single perform. That’s not Crawford. This individual stays loose and relaxed, chattering together with his teammates and maintaining them loose in the dugout. Inde i suspect he’ll be considered a great clubhouse guy, and will work hard when he must, but players with this much apparent self-confidence always make me a little anxious. I prefer men with motors that don’t stop.

Evaluators don’t quite know what related to a man like Crawford : he’s so raw that many questions exist. Can he stick at short? I’m inclined to consider so. He is rangy, quick, has great intuition, and flashes a lightning-quick transfer and also a very strong arm. Will he strike? That’s less certain, and it reduces his floor. The actual contact skills exist, and he shows decent message recognition. If it clicks for him or her, he could be considered a guy who provides power later in the development and becomes a legitimate 20/20 threat.

Up-date: Scouts possess inquired several times along with Crawford’s high school trainer about his ability to possibly play the outfield. They have the tools for it but by everyone accounts, that will simply be a backup plan if the footwork just doesn’t work out. He can begin his profession being a short-stop. This individual struggled early on in the High School period but his bat came around it culminated having a spectacular play-off look, lthough it is brief. The tools are still very loud and the ceiling is more evident with each other sport.


Senior high school shortstops are infamously tricky picks. Since 2008, forty-six players have started at least 150 games at kunne shortstop in the major leagues. Of these, only four : Derek Jeter, Ian Desmond, Jimmy Rollins, and also J. M. Hardy – were drafted as shortstops away from American high academic institutions.

That’s not to say which high school shortstops certainly not become major leaguers, simply because they do. Simply not usually because shortstops. Since 2004, 19 high school shortstops are already drafted in the first circular. Together, which group has played simply 200 innings on the position in the majors. 197 of those were from Pete Kozma.

Like a lot of toolsy players, Crawford could wind up as a folk without a position, but it appears unlikely, as he grades out as an extremely good defensive player in center or 2nd, with a hit application and good pace, even if he can’t stick at short. But if you want to discuss a true floor for him or her, is actually Jimmy Paredes/Chris Burke place.

UP-DATE: Along with scouts inquiring about the ability to play the outfield, the actual Jimmy Paredes comparison bands more correct.


Be aware everything said above. It stands to reason, then, that if a prospect could stick at shortstop, which prospect is gold.

The good news is that JP Crawford could almost definitely stick at kunne shortstop. They have good range and also speed, soft fingers, and a plus arm that makes tosses from the hole resemble a easy task.

Crawford might be a dangerous middle-of-the-lineup/middle-of-the-infield talent. Inde i don’t need to let you know that those tend to be rare and highly-prized goods.

His potential ceiling has almost no limit. His grand uncle, Carl Crawford, would be a very good begin.

Up-date: Absolutely nothing has changed together with his ceiling having no limit, the various tools continue to show which.

Projected Draft Round

Keith Law (UR), Baseball America (9), MLB. com (22), Minor Little league Golf ball (9).

Perfect Game (5): This is among draft-eligible high school players. Crawford is PG’s top-ranked high school shortstop prospect, though other organizations have him second at the rear of Oscar Mercado. He is also ranked because California’s #2 prep prospect behind 1B Dominic Jones.

Crawford’s status is a little difficult to place, given the volatility of high school shortstops, as well as his age relative to all of those other high school class – at kunne 18. 54 years old on Draft Time, Rany Jazayerli would certainly rank him as old. There’s little doubt that he’ll be taken in the very first round – the sole question is exactly how high.

Baseball America and Minor Little league Ball rank him among all of their top ten, in addition to rumors which Houston has him close to the top of their draft table. He could go 1-1, but I additionally wouldn’t be shocked if he falls for the bottom of the first circular. It really comes down to who’s prepared to take a chance on a toolsy child with their first-round choose.

Up-date: BA now has him at kunne 16 in their leading 250 and I would certainly bank on him going in the top 20, if not on the top fifteen.

University Dedication

Crawford, together with Smith, are the jewels associated with USC’s recruiting category, but both might be lured away frist by round pick money.

From Before The Bigs:

Though Crawford was drawn to the campus and also coaching staff associated with USC when he went to last year, there are some things that will prevent him from becoming a Trojan.

“It depends on what round Inde i get drafted and how much money Inde i get, ” stated Crawford.

It will be a while before Crawford’s mind is composed, but rest assured there’s a secret number that will assist your decision a whole lot simpler.

It can bear mentioning that this USC coaching staff with whom Crawford got defeated love included Mind Coach Frank Jones, who was terminated shortly before the beginning of the period.

Video clip


MLB. com

Popular on the showcase circuit, Crawford includes a plus arm and simple, flowing motions defensively. While he grades out as an average athlete, he is a threat on the bottoms. Crawford includes a loose, wristy stroke and may hit the ball to all areas. He has average raw power and could grow into much more as he grows. How high he goes in the Draw up may depend on just how much teams feel his bat will come.

Crawford got the chance to exhibit his skills in a number of summer season stops, playing in the Area Code Online games and also the Under Armour All-American Game and Perfect Game All-American Traditional, stealing two bottoms and going 1-for-4 in that last event of the summer for him or her.

Perfect Sport

Crawford’s athletic resume is pretty flawless. A Perfect Sport All-American, he has 6. seven speed in the 60 and plays even quicker than that in sport action. Crawford’s arm strength has improved significantly a year ago and he now throws ninety mph throughout the infield and also 91 mph off the mound. Having a lithe and athletic 6-foot-2, 180-pound build, he’s going to add strength to his already impressive softball bat speed as he grows actually.

Baseball Draft Statement

The way I feel about Mercado is how many of the specialists in the business feel about Crawford, a stable riser who right now sits atop nearly all big little league clubs’ middle infield panels. What’s funny about Crawford’s recent rise is that so much of it is predicated on his improved defense in the middle. During my first discusses Crawford this past year, it had been actually his protection at shortstop that stood out to me one of the most. Not for nothing, but I heard down within Florida that the Astros really, really, really like Crawford. Truly.

UP TO DATE: 2013 MLB Draw up Profile: John John Crawford, DURE, Lakewood HS (CA)

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