Katsuya within Glendale will give a portion of the drink's proceeds to men's health endeavours.

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The particular Movember Martini

November 1st, 2013


A Movember Martini? It’s happening at Katsuya in Glendale. Order a Burning up MANdarini and see some of the proceeds go to the men’s health initiatives supported from the Movember mustache-growing campaign.

November 1 tends to be round the time when things get a mite chillier. Halloween has wrapped, and October, too, of course , and we’re now well into the sweater-nice slide into winter.

So why you’ll start seeing several very cleanly shaven men round the start of the month may be a mystery. Or not, if you participate in Movember. The yearly “grow a mustache and support men’s health” campaign always begins with gentlemen shaving off every single last tuft and whisker before beginning their mustache-growing anew.

But supporting the ideals of Movember is possible consist of ways, too. Which is a good thing, considering that sprouting upper lip hair is just not going to happen for many humans.

Katsuya in Glendale has one flavorful answer. It’s a drink the sushi restaurant offers deemed the Movember Martini for that month of November, and some arises from the cocktail will help “prostrate malignancy awareness fundraising efforts” within the restaurant group.

The Movember Martini also passes the name of the Burning MANdarin. The drink was created in memory for Freddy Hernandez, an Americana at Brand name employee remembered for his lively sense of humor and his signature “caterpillar’ mustache.

Whether you yourself are doing the November-mustache-growing thing, or you want to help mens health and enjoy a sip named in a lovely man’s honor, you can. Movember comes in all sorts of flavors, and the facial hair aspect is but one.

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