It's back - the foul, rotten egg-like odor that triggered dozens of residents in and around Santa Fe Springs to feel sick come july 1st has made a comeback this week, according to our news crews and the a lot more than 370..." />

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Santa Fe Springs Stench Returns

October 16th, 2013

An offensive odor over Santa Fe Springs and surrounding cities has been traced back to a wastewater service.

It’s back – the foul, rotten egg-like odor that caused dozens of inhabitants in and around Santa Fe Springs to feel sick this summer has made the comeback this week, according to our information crews and the more than 370 people that called the Air Quality Management District this past weekend.

The sulfurous stench, which originates from the defunct oil facility belonging to Ridgeline Energy, first seeped out of the hole on the roof of a storage tank used to process industrial waste drinking water, NBC4 first reported on This summer 30.

We also reported in Aug that the company fixed the tank. But the smell, according to many inhabitants, is back and worse than it had been over the summer.

“This past Sunday, the odor bothered our senior pastor so bad that he actually cut the message short, ” stated Pastor Greg Gutierrez of the shortened service at Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs.

The church was shut all day Monday. But the smell has been just as bad inside Tuesday.

“You open up the door and it seems like there’s just this trapped gassy odor within the building that just didn’t possess anywhere else to go, ” said Gutierrez.

Another dozen calls came in Tuesday morning, according to air quality management officials, who issued another two violations to Ridgeline Energy, bringing the total number of violations to 10 since Apr this year.

While the smell can make you feel upset, health officials said the levels they may be measuring now are not enough to cause long term health effects.

I’m not confident that it’s harmless at this point, ” said Gutierrez.

Ridgeline officials are scheduled to give a progress report from Air Quality Management District headquarters within Diamond Bar Wednesday at 10 a. m.

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