A tiny 9-month-old pup was rescued Thursday night after she fell 25 foot and spent the night in an deserted mine shaft in Barstow." />

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Pup Plucked From Mine Shaft

October 25th, 2013

A tiny canine, named “Puppy Canine, ” is back in her owner’s arms after falling 25 foot into an abandoned mine base on Oct. 23, 2013.

A tiny 9-month-old puppy was rescued Thursday after she fell 25 feet and invested the night in an abandoned mine base in Barstow.

Jerry Crain was all-terrain in the desert Wednesday evening when his tiny canine – called “Puppy Dog” by Crain’s grandchildren – got loose and started running around.

“Next thing I know, she wouldn’t come back, ” Crain said.

Crain returned to the area at first light Thursday night. He said he “just occurred to notice the barbed wire” encircling the mine shaft, and proceeded to go in closer to examine the starting.

That’s when he saw his pup.

“High Desert is peppered with deserted mine shafts, ” said Eric Sherwin, spokesman for the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Sherwin stated this type of rescue is not uncommon great team is well-trained. Members from the department’s Urban Search and Recovery team rigged a high-angle apparatus (pictured at right) on the advantage of the mine shaft, and a firefighter propelled down the shaft.

The tiny canine was found sitting on a ledge about 25 feet down.

“She very lucky, I guess, because there was a shape she was sitting on there. Or else, she could’ve went on down, could’ve been finished, ” Crain stated with tears in his eyes.

Puppy Canine wasn’t hurt in the fall, and won’t be accompanying her owner on any more desert adventures, Crain said.

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