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Lakewood Target workers to rally on Thursday night

July 25th, 2013

Labour organizers plan to rally Thursday outside of the Lakewood Wal-Mart to seek the reinstatement regarding two employees who they say were wrongfully fired for taking part inside a strike earlier this year.

The employees in the middle of the planned rally are Jovani Gomez, 25, and also Nicole Mora, who is something like 20.

Gomez and also Mora had worked on the Wal-Mart for five years and more than one 12 months, respectively, but were fired following their participation in a strike against the retailer last month, according to coordinators.

A group called Our Target is organizing Thursday’s rally. The group is actually affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers and also organized the June strike and a Ride for Regard, in which workers took a bus to protest outside of the Bentonville, Ark. -based retailer’s shareholder’s conference.

Within a testimony posted on Our Walmart’s website, Mora wrote which she was seeking much better working conditions on the Lakewood shop.

“Throughout my own year of work at Walmart, I’ve observed many issues that should be resolved. Some of my own co-workers have attempted to speak for better scheduling only to be threatened with termination and told that they could easily get replaced by somebody who can work the particular schedule given to them, ” Mora wrote. “I have also personally dealt with harassment inside my store. inch

Mora continued to write that a manager made inappropriate comments about her entire body and followed her house after work, but her complaints to others in management proceeded to go unheeded.

Wal-Mart officials declined to comment for this report.

The rally on the Lakewood store is actually scheduled to begin at 5: 30 p. meters.

Organizers expect about 50 participants.

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